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Master Bath Mini Makeover

Hello everyone! I'm here today to share my mini bath makeover with you. I mentioned before that this makeover didn't cost me a penny! Yep, didn't cost me a thing. I sold back some of my son's old college textbooks and used the money for this makeover. And just in case you're wondering...WE pay for his books to begin with, so WE get the buy back money. ;) I'll share what websites I used to sell his books back along with a couple of other "college savings tips" in a post coming soon...

Okay, you know the drill...first I show you a sneak peek of a pretty "after" pic, then all the "before" pics to refresh your memory, then we end it with lots of pretty "afters." So, let's get started!

First, a pretty "after"

bathroom redo

We didn't do much...just replaced the rug, bath mat, and towels. Then painted a couple of things grey and recovered the vanity stool.

Here's what it looked like before. It's funny because that rug never did match in here. We had the same valance in here that was in our bedroom (which was kind of orange and green and matched our old bedding) and this rug always kind of clashed. You can see before and after pics of our bedroom HERE. I guess I just decided to live with it for the 14 years we had it. Lol! After we redid our master bedroom to include more whites with bits of light blue, the rug REALLY stood out as an eyesore. 

I liked the rug on its own, but not with the new color palette we had going on in the bedroom. The material on the vanity stool never really matched either. You'll see how I recovered it in a minute. 

Here's a closer look at the old green material on the stool. See that white smudge? That was the only painting mishap we had while painting the kitchen cabinets white. I was standing on this stool to paint the cabinet frames and spilled a little. :) You can see the newly painted kitchen cabinets HERE if you're interested.

I bought this metal piece at Michael's years ago. The top part is kind of orange colored glass and went well with our old bedding in the master. You'll see a little farther down, how I just painted right over the entire thing with some grey paint. 

I still liked this print, so I kept it and just painted the frame grey. 

And here are more "afters."

You can see the new rug and grey towels in the background. The rug is a lot lighter in real life. You can see below that we have pretty tall ceilings throughout the house, which I love. 

Here's the metal piece I painted over. 

Here's a closer look. I even painted the picture hangers grey so they wouldn't show as much. I was a little worried about painting over the glass part, but after Painting And Staining Our Kitchen Table, I'm not afraid to paint anything. :)

quatrefoil grey rug

Here's the grey rug. It's so soft and comfy! 

You can get a glimpse of the new grey bath mat here too. The rug, towels, and bath mat were all purchased at Target, so all the greys match pretty well. Since our bedroom and bathroom are connected, I wanted to be sure they flowed together. Our bedroom is mostly white with a touch of light blue, so I think the grey and white bathroom goes nicely with it. Once again, you can click HERE to see the bedroom makeover. 

Here's the stool I recovered. 

And here's a closer look at the frame I painted grey. I actually like this print a lot better with the grey frame. 

I love this material I found at Joann's for the stool. 

grey and white fabric for vanity stool

target rug

So, here's a cost break down and how I got everything for free:

I ordered the rug and towels (four of them) online at Target. The book buy back money covered all of that and I got free shipping. 

Target had a special going where if you ordered $75 or more online, they gave you a free $15 gift card. Our rug and towels qualified for this, so we used the gift card to purchase the bath mat. 

The cost of the material for the vanity stool was only about $4, and the book money also covered that. 

I used my free sample of grey paint from Lowes to paint the metal piece and frame. 

 So, that's it! I love when I can make changes like this, especially when it's free! :)


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