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A Tassel Bracelet and the New Kittens!

Hi everyone! TGIF! I'll get to the kittens in a minute, but first, I wanted to share this tassel bracelet I made the other day...

how to make a tassel bracelet

I love it!!! I've wanted one for a long time and found the best tutorial over on Kris' blog. You can find the tutorial HERE. It only took about 15 minutes and the supplies were about $5. 

Speaking of tassels, I've also wanted a tassel necklace for awhile. I know I shared this on IG, but can't remember if I shared it here. I found this one at Cato for $3.99! I always go straight to the jewelry clearance rack when I go there, and almost always find something great for under $5. 

tassel necklace

Okay, now for the kittens. For those that are new here, a couple of (very hungry) stray cats showed up in our backyard awhile ago. We named them Gladys and Rocky. After a few weeks, Gladys started looking pregnant. Then she disappeared for a couple of days and when she returned, she was skinny again. We never knew what happened to her kittens. We looked all around the backyard, but never found any. We figured she had them somewhere else, but kept coming back here for the food and water. 

Then, a few weeks later, I was looking out the window and saw Gladys sitting in front of our deck, surrounded by kittens!!!

We watched the kittens go under the deck and come back out again. Even Gladys could fit under there. We're not sure if they were under the deck the whole time or if she just recently moved them there. Anyway, our backyard is now home to 5 sweet, adorable little kitties. :)

Just look at those blue eyes!!!

blue eyed kitten

Gladys has proven to be a great mama. 

We named this one "Paris" (as in Hilton) because she LOVES the camera! She's very interested in the clicking sound a camera makes. 

How cute are these three peeking out from under the deck?!

Gladys used to keep a really close eye on the kittens and wouldn't let them venture any farther than a few feet from the deck. Recently though, she brought them up to our patio.

This cutie pie is named Seinfeld (because he's funny and we laugh at his antics) I think he's also the runt because he's a lot smaller than the others.

This was taken through the glass, so it's blurry, but you can see they're learning how to eat real cat food now. (which is probably why Gladys brought them up to the patio) This is Howard and Stacey. I have no idea why my son wanted to name one Stacey. I wonder how my friend at Poofing The Pillows feels about that??? :) The only one I didn't get a pic of is Dale (as in Dale Earnhardt Jr.) 

Again, sorry for the blurriness, but I had to zoom WAY in with my phone to get this pic. This is Gladys and Howard (as in Hughes). We named him that because he's very reclusive. He's always the last one to emerge from under the deck, and the first one to go back into hiding. One thing is for sure though...Howard LOVES his
 mama. :)

So, that's the latest from the House of Cats. :) Hope y'all are having a great day!


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