Selasa, 15 Juli 2014

A New Chair

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday! I sure hope you're not experiencing the extreme heat we're having here. Fall certainly can't come soon enough. :)

I wanted to share my new chair with you today. When we got our new living room furniture, we decided to keep our old wing chair for awhile. It didn't match our new stuff, but I was okay with that. I planned on replacing it with some of my Christmas money at the end of this year. Well...I mentioned my plan to my hubby and he said it was ridiculous for me to spend my Christmas money on something that the whole family will use. He didn't have to tell me twice. ;) I was online looking at new chairs in about 30 seconds. :)

Here's the chair we ended up buying...

Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me give you a little refresher of what the old wing chair looked like...

It kind of stuck out like a sore thumb against the new furniture. 

Now, before we ended up with the linen one with the tufted back,  we also tried out a different one. I picked out two I liked (one with a neutral zebra print and one with a tan print) Then I put up a little poll on Instagram, asking people to choose which one they liked best. They overwhelmingly chose the tan print one vs. the neutral zebra print. 

Here's the pic from IG...

So, I took their advice and ordered the tan print one on the right. Actually, the one I ordered was a tad different than the one in the pic. They were basically the same, but the one I ordered was a bit more grey than tan. Anyway, here's the print one everyone chose on IG...

grey modern chair from target

We immediately noticed how low the back was, but it didn't seem like a big deal and we still liked it. 

Anyway, I was completely fine with the grey print chair my IG friends picked until I saw this one below. It totally had me with the tufted back and pretty legs. :) So, I exchanged the grey one for the cream linen one. I'll probably buy a throw for it or a small pillow (or both) :)

linen tufted chair from target

I think it matches my new sofa and loveseat a little better than the grey one. The grey one was pretty, but it looked a little too modern for my living room. Just look at these pretty legs! I love the legs on this chair. :)

tufted chair from target

Here's a close up of the little tucks on the sides of the chair. 

And of course, my favorite part...the tufted back. :)

So, that's my musical chairs story. I almost didn't go to the trouble of exchanging the grey one for the tufted one, but I just knew I would be much happier with this one. I think it will stand the test of time and have a little more longevity in the long run.  It seems to have more of the classic, traditional look I was going for.

I'll be back soon with the kitchen table makeover. I'm working on the tutorial for painting and staining it and should have the post up this week. :)


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