Rabu, 09 Juli 2014

Daily Happenings And More Shopping Deals!

Hello all! How is everyone enjoying their summer? Ours has been very pleasant. Hot, but pleasant. :)

I've gotten several requests to post a pic of myself so people can connect a name with a face. I'm usually pretty shy when it comes to posting selfies, but I did put this one one Instagram the other day, so I guess I may as well share it here too. I know, I know...it's not technically a real selfie because I'm still wearing sunglasses, but this is probably as good as it's going to get for now. Lol! Oh, and just ignore the messy hair. My windows were down. :)

My whole point in posting it was because I'd stepped WAY out of my comfort zone that day. You see...I wore RED lipstick! I usually stick to neutral tones in my makeup, but I went a little wild this day. And you know what??? I liked it! Lol!

Okay, okay, enough of that business. :) Little Miss Holly Cat recently got a new pad. She loves it! It has dual scratching posts on it. The one you can see on this side is made of rope and the one on the other side is made of carpet. So far, she totally prefers the rope. ;) I like that it's hidden behind the sofa and she likes the view out the window. Everyone wins! :)

petsmart scratching post and perch

If you follow on Instagram, you've already seen all these pics, but I wanted to share them here too. This is some esperanza I brought in the other day. Love all the yellow blooms!

Then of course I had to bring in some crepe myrtles...

osage crepe myrtles

I made this collage the other day of a few things that are blooming in the backyard right now. Plumbago, crepes, and a shrimp plant. 

shrimp plant

After seeing all the pretty buntings in everyone's 4th of July decor, I was bound and determined to find some of my own. :) I found these at Hob Lob on clearance for $3.40! I grabbed up three and can't wait for an opportunity to hang them!

bunting flags for front of house

And here's one more spectacular deal I posted about on Instagram...I got these two baskets at Kohl's for a total price of...$4.50!!! Yes, BOTH of these were a total of four dollars and fifty cents! They were on sale for 50% off, plus I had a $10 coupon, a $5 coupon, and a 15% off coupon. I did pretty well, yes? :)

burlap baskets

Here's a little sneak peek of my kitchen table makeover. I decided at the last minute to sand down the top and re-stain it and paint the rest of it white. This is a before pic on the left and an after pic on the right...

I was having a hard time deciding what to do with it because it kind of blended right into the wood floor before. Thankfully, my bloggy friend Kelly helped me out in deciding which parts to paint/stain. Now it's much lighter and brighter and really stands out against the wood floor. Thank you Kelly!! :) I'll post a full tutorial explaining the painting/sanding/staining process soon. 

Well, that's all the happenings for now. What have y'all been up to this summer?


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