Minggu, 19 Juli 2015

Playing Around In The Kitchen and Cookies

I've been playing around in the kitchen again. :) After I cleaned the house the other day, I didn't have a single thing planned for the rest of the afternoon (love when that happens!) so I played around with a little vignette and then made cookies. 

I loved how this looked with the tray, but in the end I opted for more of a clean look. Also, the tray kind of stuck out too far on the counter and we need all the counter space we can get. :) 

Ah, that's a little better. :) 

I used to have red glass canisters, but one day I found these at Kirkland's and it was love at first sight. xoxo

I love to display cute cupcake liners in this glass jar. 

I think I mentioned this before, but my hubby picked out these measuring cups at Pier One all by himself! It was a nice surprise. :) 

And just because I've been getting some emails about it lately, here's a close up pic of Holly's custom pet frame I made...

Click HERE for the tutorial. 

After all that playing around, I got busy and made chocolate chip cookies...

Want my super secret recipe??? Okay, here ya go...

Sometimes you just gotta take the easy road. :) That little bag made about three dozen cookies! That's quite the deal when you consider they were buy one get one free! I think I paid about $1.89 for both bags. I can't even buy one bag of chocolate chips for that!

 Y'all have a great day!


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