Selasa, 14 Juli 2015

Extreme Heat, Flowers, and Sales

Hello, everyone! I've been taking a bit of a blogging break as we enjoy the summer. We're just whiling away the days enjoying the break from schedules, homework, car lines, etc. :)

I certainly hope y'all aren't experiencing the extreme heat we're having here. We've got temps inching up towards 100 all week long. This is our hottest part of the year and it's not fun.

Just to elaborate a little, I set this thermometer on one of the stepping stones in our backyard and within about a minute this is what it read...

Yep, 130 degrees!!! This is why we can't walk on the sidewalks barefoot. Lol!

This is also why we plant a lot of heat tolerant flowers like this Lantana. It loves the heat, thank goodness. 

The Crepes enjoy the heat as well. 

We had so much rain the last two months, it's hard to believe our grass is already getting dry, but when I was taking these pics I noticed some cracks in the ground. We really need to turn on the sprinklers soon. 

Love this blue sky!

The Knock Outs are doing okay, but would probably enjoy a little rain. 

In other news, have you heard about the big Amazon Prime Day sale tomorrow, July 15th? It starts tonight at midnight and is for one day only. It's exclusively for Prime members, but you can get a 30 day trial of Prime for free to get in on the savings. Supposedly the prices are going to rival black Friday and Target and Walmart are getting in on it too by offering "substantial online savings."

Might be worth a look if you've been wanting to purchase something that's been in your cart for awhile. Let me know if you get any good deals. :)

I have a small kitchen project I'm working on and a little lamp re-do and will hopefully have pics to share soon. Have a great week and stay cool!


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