Rabu, 22 Juli 2015

Barbie Dolls, Holly, and a Pedometer

Hi there!

Can y'all believe it's almost the end of July??? The summer needs to slow down. This mama isn't ready to start getting up at the crack of dawn again. :)

I thought I'd show you a pic I shared on Instagram the other day....

One of my friends asked that we share a pic of something nostalgic from our childhood, so I scooped these up out of the garage so they could have their IG debut. On second thought, maybe I should have at least brushed their hair first. Lol!

I loved that case I had to tote them around in. Do you recognize The Bionic Woman? The skin on her right arm rolled up to reveal her bionics! Then we have Superstar Barbie and last but not least, we have Tuesday Taylor. Her scalp rotated around to reveal either blonde or brunette hair! Did y'all play with any of these when you were little?

Oh Miss Holly...this is what she does every time I go to put clothes in the dryer...

And don't worry, I always check to make sure she's not in there before I start it up. She loves to nap on anything wet. That's weird, right? My son washed his car the other day and put the damp towels on the side of the tub and Holly jumped right up on them and took a very long nap. 

Oh, and y'all will be glad to know that Mee-Maw here finally got herself a pedometer! Walmart didn't have the one I talked about awhile back, so I picked this one up (still at Walmart) for a whopping $5! Lol!

It even gives you directions on how to measure your stride length so you can input in into the pedometer to get a more accurate step count.

I set my daily goal of 10,000 steps and you can see with a quick glance how close you are to your goal. In the pic above, I was at 38%, so I still had quite a few steps to go before reaching my goal that day. I've been known to walk in circles around my living room to reach that goal some nights. :) 

You can see your progress in steps or in miles, which is nice. I'm starting to get obsessed with how many steps I've taken. For instance, I can tell you that I took 1563 steps on my grocery shopping trip the other day. Ha ha!

I guess that's it for now. Y'all have a great day!


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