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A Fixer Upper Inspired Project

Happy Monday! We finished up installing the subway tile yesterday and now we just need to grout it and then wait a few days and seal the grout. Hopefully I can share everything with you soon. I will say though, it's been a little more difficult than we thought, but well worth it. :)

So, do y'all watch "Fixer Upper" with Chip and Joanna Gaines? It's on HGTV and they just started the second season. My hubby and I love this show! It's basically about a different couple each week who find a "fixer upper" house and Chip and Joanna work their magic and turn it into a beautiful place to live. 

I'm constantly inspired by that show (hence our recent subway tile addition in the kitchen) 

Here's my latest Fixer Upper inspired project...

Here's how it came about. I was watching an old episode of Fixer Upper the other day and paused my tv when I saw this in the background of one of the houses Joanna decorated...

I immediately knew I wanted to re-create it for my home. I was trying to figure out what materials to use, and that's when I remembered something that my friend Selene at Restoration Beauty just created. 

She made a darling earring holder using a lot of the same materials. Click HERE to see her post.

Here's my materials...

diy boxwood wreath

I had not heard of "hardware cloth" before reading Selene's post, but now my mind is swimming with ideas of different things to make with it. This roll was just under $7 at Home Depot.

I bought this two pack of grapevine wreaths at Hobby Lobby for $1.99. I only used one for this project, so now I have an extra.

And I picked up a couple of boxwood sprigs for $3.99 each. (although I only used one for this project)

I began by snipping little sprigs of boxwood and hot gluing them onto the wreath. 

I just worked my way around in a circle until I felt like I had enough on the wreath.

Then I cut the hardware cloth (use gloves, it's sharp!) to fit inside the back of my frame. And yes, you can see that I ended up choosing a different frame than the one in the first pic. You see the back of the frame which is still brown, but I painted the front grey. 

using hardware cloth in decor

I found the easiest way to attach it was to use hot glue all the way around the edges. 

Then I just flipped it over and attached my wreath with some burlap ribbon I already had on hand. I used hot glue to secure the ribbon to the top of the frame and so far, it's held up great. 

boxwood wreath

So what about you? Do you watch Fixer Upper? Have you been inspired by any of their projects?


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