Rabu, 04 Februari 2015

A Collection of Projects

I recently posted a little collage on Instagram (@texasdecor) that included a handful of projects we've done around the house. I got a great response and thought I'd post links to them in case you're new here. :)

But first, I wanted to share my very first "blog inspired" project from way back in 2009...

You were probably expecting something a little more substantial, huh? :) This is a framed print I bought at K-Mart for a whopping $10 about 15 years ago. I needed something to fill a big wall in my bathroom and just kinda grabbed this as a "this will do for now and I'll replace it later" item. I never dreamed I'd still have it all these years later. Lol!

The frame was originally gold. At the time (2009) I had just started reading blogs and it seemed everyone was spray painting everything either black or ORB (oil rubbed bronze) I jumped on the bandwagon, bought a can of black spray paint and went to town on that gold frame. It was the very beginning of what was to become a love affair with blogs and diy. :)

We've since completed MANY blog-inspired projects. Here are links to just a few...

sanding down and staining kitchen table top

(I still can't believe we painted our kitchen cabinets for around $200!)
adding furniture legs to kitchen cabinets

(Wow! This pic is a blast from the past! Our family room has changed dramatically since then!)

(Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the corbels)

wooden grocery sign for kitchen

Well, that's it for now. Hopefully I was able to inspire a few of you to go for it and do a project or two you've been wanting to try. :) 


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