Rabu, 20 Agustus 2014

Summer Shopping Deals and a Garden Stool

I've been sharing lots of deals on Instagram and wanted to share them here too. I've gotten some really good deals lately. :)

I love a good end-of-season sale and Big Lots didn't disappoint. I picked up these blue plastic hobnail glasses for $1.25! (I bought 6) The little bird tray was only $3.50. I love anything hobnail. 

blue hobnail glasses

This little caddy was at Homegoods for only $6.99. I love using it for forks and napkins when we have people over. 

white ceramic silverware caddy

I've mentioned this before, but did y'all know that Party City has a great selection of guest napkins? Most of them are $2.95 for a 16 pack. I've seen some good ones at Tuesday Morning too. I like to stock up on them for the guest bathroom. (I have a little tray they fit into perfectly.) That way, people have a disposable napkin to dry their hands with instead of a communal towel. :)

They have such a wide selection. These are the ones I picked out this time...

I've had my eye on these cute ruffle bowls at Michael's for a couple of years now. I just happened to notice they were on sale the other day. I got the large green one for $2 and the small red one for only $1. Perfect for Christmas chips and dips!

michael's ruffle bowls

I can't tell you how many times I've passed up this little crown trinket box in the dollar section at Michael's. I even had it in my cart a few times, then put it back because I wasn't sure what I'd use it for. Well, this time, I told myself to just reach into the bin with all the trinket boxes (they have lots of different ones) and if I happened to pull out the crown one, then I'd buy it. It was kismet, I tell ya. ;) And bonus...it was marked $2, but rang up only $1. Totally meant to be. :)

crown stamped trinket box

Speaking of Michael's, I kept noticing how several people on IG got these awesome deals on garden stools at Michael's. They were picking them up on clearance for something crazy like $16! I decided I "needed" one, but my Michael's didn't have any and I wasn't about to spend $129 like some stores were asking. So I went to Homegoods looking specifically for a white one and BAM! There it was! And you know what? It was only $39. Not the $16 that some people got, but still a lot less than $129. 

And you know what else? It looks exactly like the $129 ones. :)

white garden stool in decor

I think it adds a nice touch to my living room and can even be used as a little table. 

white garden stool

Well, that's all the deals for now. Have y'all gotten any awesome end-of-season deals?


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