Senin, 11 Agustus 2014

More Daily Life Pics

Hello all! I have a few daily life pics to share with you today. Sometimes I think I don't have too much to share, but then I scroll through my iPhone pics, and realize I actually do have quite a bit. :) I'm always taking pics when out and about and telling my hubby "My blog friends will like this" or "My blog friends will think this is funny." See...I'm always thinking of y'all. :)

So, my first pic is actually a cleaning tip. If you mist your microfiber cloth with water prior to dusting, it will pick up way more dust and remove fingerprints too. And as a bonus, it keeps my tables dust free for 3-4 days longer than dry dusting. 

Okay, so y'all know it's hot here, right? Well, just look at how hot it is on our patio...

I put this thermometer out on our patio and within seconds, it was reading 124 degrees! Now, granted, the air temp isn't quite that hot, but the brick patio heats up quickly in the sun. You'll actually burn your feet if you're out there barefoot. Like I said on Instagram...Fall can't come soon enough!

Oh y'all...I can't stop buying paper straws and baker's twine. Here's my collection so far...

I just can't resist when it's only $1. :)

So, this may not appeal to everyone, but I LOVE cotton candy and anything cotton candy flavored. I almost always get cotton candy flavored snow cones when we visit our local stand (or bubble gum if cotton candy isn't available) Anyway, I found this at Walmart the other day. Oh my good!

walmart cotton candy ice cream

We celebrated one of my son's birthdays recently and this was the cake he wanted. It was almost too much chocolate, even for me. :) We bought it as Sam's.

If you don't want the calories, you could just melt one of these wax cubes. It smells just like the raspberry linzer cookies they sell at La Madeleine. I bought these at Walmart for $2.

And keeping with the food theme, I made these jam thumbprint cookies. I used raspberry and apricot jam. They were delicious! You can click HERE to see the recipe I used. My hubby said they taste "Just like Christmas!" Lol!

jam thumbprint cookie recipe

Oh man...I saw these at the store the other day...

Nope, no thank you. I like my coffee and chips separate. 

I was at Joann's and saw this cute mini chandy for a school locker! When I was in school, I would have loved this! 

school locker decor

And, back to food again. :) We have a Fresh Market grocery store near us, and we've kind of made it a Saturday morning tradition to pick up a few goodies there. This particular trip, we bought Tanzanian Peaberry coffee, seeded rye bread, 3 cheese black pepper bread, sweet pecans, honey roasted Thai spicy cashews, almond croissants, and Zots candy. It's kind of fun to stock up on stuff for the week. The sights, smells, and atmosphere of the place make it SO tempting! 

peaberry coffee

You'd think that would be enough bread, but just a couple of days later, my youngest son requested my homemade bread, and I couldn't say no. It literally takes 2 hours from the time I start gathering my ingredients until we're enjoying a slice. (and only 30 minutes of that is prep, the rest of the time is rising and baking) If you're new here, you can click HERE to see my post (with a link to the bread recipe) In that same post, there's a wonderful, easy tomato basil soup recipe if you're interested.

very easy homemade bread recipe

So, are you hungry yet? Yeah, me too. :) 

What have y'all been up to lately? Are you getting ready for back to school? We still have a couple more weeks, thank goodness.


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