Jumat, 12 Februari 2016

Lisa's Day of Fun!

Do you ever feel like you need a day to yourself? Like, a day for shopping and perhaps a little pampering too? I certainly do. I had some Christmas money that was burning a hole in my pocket, so I planned a whole day and coined it "Lisa's Day of Fun." Remember "Joey and Janice's day of fun" from Friends? Lol! 

Y'all, I had the best day! I couldn't wait to get to Ross. You see, back in December, I saw some Michael Kors bags there. A man had about five of them in his cart and I assumed he was buying one for every female on his Christmas list. I also thought to myself that they must be a great price for him to be purchasing so many, but I was in a hurry and never even looked at them. Mistake. I've thought about that purse every single day since then. :) 

So, my main goal on Lisa's day of fun was to track down that purse and I hoped it was still reasonably priced. So off I went to Ross and lo and behold...I walked about five feet into the store and right in front of me was a display that said "designer handbags" and front and center was this...

Squeal!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! Then I slowly turned over the price tag and it said...$69.99! What?! It regularly sells for $200, Ross had it originally for $99, and now it was reduced to only $69. Yes, please. :) 

I really like it too. It has lots of room for all my things and I love the red handles. 

Okay, so up next I was looking for some cute $5 tassle necklaces I saw on the Whoa Wait Walmart blog. Remember when I told y'all about that blog and IG page? It's how I found out about the necklaces. I walked into the store and again, just like it was meant to be, there they were, with plenty to choose from. 

I went with this one...

So cute and such a good price.

Then I stopped at a few more places...Joann's to get supplies to make my Valentine's Day Banner, Dollar Tree for some circus peanuts (yes, I HAD to have them - lol!) then to Starbucks to pick up a Valentine's day gift card. When my boys were little, I would fill their Valentine baskets with all kinds of treats, fun toys, etc. but now all they want are gift cards, cash, and candy, so that's what they get. I've gotten them these Russell Stover strawberry cream hearts every year since they were born, and will continue to do so. :) 

I did a little clothes shopping too and managed to find five outfits that I liked (and desperately needed) I love when I find multiple things in one trip like that! 

Then I got my haircut, which is always a nice experience. I got three inches cut off and my hair still comes to my shoulders. It was l-o-n-g. 

I think I ran a few more errands, then I came home to find this on the porch...

I love happy mail days! I'll share what was in the box soon. 

And to top things off, my son texted me to ask if we could get pizza for dinner. It just so happened that Papa Johns was offering half price pizza all day long because J.J. Watt won the 2015 NFL defensive player of the year award. And bonus, my son picked up the pizza for us, so I didn't have to go out again, AND I didn't have to cook dinner. Win-win! 

Pizza nights are my favorite. :) So, that was my day of fun in a nutshell. I think we all deserve to have days like this every now and then, don't you?


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