Senin, 01 Februari 2016

Greek Yogurt and Bunnies

I wanted to share my new favorite yogurt with y'all. It's Chobani Flip Greek Yogurt...

And no, I'm not getting paid for saying this, it's just a real favorite of ours. Oh, and I know the expiration date says January 26th, but don't worry, I took these pics awhile ago and am just now getting around to posting. Rest assured, this was consumed way before that date. ;) 

So, have y'all tried this? Here's what's under the lid of the Almond Coco Loco one...

You flip the toppings onto the yogurt for a delicious breakfast or snack. 

That's a lot of toppings!

The yogurt tastes like really thick, sweet whipped cream to me. (I've tried other Greek yogurts and they weren't nearly this good. They always tasted too "tangy" for me, but this one is just right) It also has 12 grams of protein, so it keeps you full for a long time.

It comes in lots of other flavors too...

Three of my favorites...Coffee Break Bliss, Peppermint Perfection, and Almond Coco Loco...

They have tons of other great flavors too. Here are a few more I pulled out of the fridge. Tropical Escape, Key Lime Crumble, and Peanut Butter Dream.

The Peanut Butter Dream has moved up to my favorite this week. This description says it all...

If you like peanut butter and chocolate, you'll love this!

Okay, now for the bunnies. My sister in law texted me to see if I wanted these bunnies...

She was cleaning out stuff and knew I'd always admired them in her home during Easter. I of course said yes, so they hauled them all the way from North Texas when they came for a visit. 

When they arrived, my niece said "Aunt Lisa, why in the world did you want these things?" I asked her what was wrong with them and she said "Well, for one...their EYES. They're SO creepy!"

Take a look for yourselves...

Hmm...Then she said "And the FEET! They're the creepiest of all!" 

Girl's got a point. 

 Apparently these two were the source of a few nightmares for my niece and nephews while growing up. Although Meredith's feet don't seem as bad as Finn's. (yes, I already named them Meredith and Finn and no, I've never seen Grey's Anatomy, although someone just told me there were two characters on there with these same names. Total coincidence, I guess)

So the jury is still out on these two. What do you think? Creepy or cute??? I think a little of both. They would be kind of cute holding decorative Easter eggs in their baskets this spring. Y'all should have seen Holly's first reaction to them...she approached them VERY slowly and sniffed them out before backing away. 

After all that, I must leave you with a smile on your face. Have y'all seen the Dairy Pure Milk commercial starring these adorable cows with a Valley Girl accent?

My favorite part is when the one in the middle says "Like, moo" at the end of the commercial! So funny! I was having trouble getting the video to upload, but you can google "Dairy Pure Commercial YouTube" to see it. 


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