Rabu, 23 Desember 2015

Cookies for Days, a Stranded Whale and a Walmart Blog...

Weird title, huh? :) Before I get to the cookies and blog, let me tell you about this poor stranded whale that was on our local beach.

Bless its heart. It was 45 feet long and was stranded about 150 feet from the shore in Galveston. Apparently it was already very sick and passed away shortly after they found it. 

They had to haul in heavy equipment and tie something around its tail (the strongest part of its body) to pull it onto the beach. Then they'll examine it and bring in more heavy machines to dispose of it. It really was heartbreaking to watch it all unfold on tv. 

So, on to happier things...

Those cookie cutters with the red and green wooden handles belonged to my great grandmother. I love that I'm getting to use them now. 

I spent the better part of Tuesday baking up a storm. I baked, frosted, and decorated almost 150 cookies! I made gingerbread men with almond icing, sand tarts, sugar cookies with vanilla frosting and sprinkles, and a batch of peppermint bark. 

Here's a look at the fruits of my labor...

This was before I iced the gingerbread men. But don't they look cute tied up with baker's twine?

Oh, and just look at how cute that plate is! It was a whopping $1.50 at my local HEB grocery store. 

I'll package a lot of these up to send home with family members on Christmas day because lord knows I don't need that many cookies around here. :) 

One more thing. Do y'all know about the "Whoa Wait Walmart" blog and Instagram? Here's a link to their blog...


The name is kind of funny. It's like they're saying "Whoa...wait...you got that at WALMART???" Lol!

They do blog posts about new lines Walmart is carrying, holiday merchandise, gift ideas, new items, sale items, etc. They are the reason I knew about the new Pioneer Woman line at Walmart months ago :) 

The other day they posted about some cute $5 tassel necklaces that would make a great last minute Christmas gift. I think I "need" to pick one up soon. :) 

They're so good about posting when things are on sale. I remember last summer, they posted about the farmhouse style punch dispensers when they went on clearance. You can follow them on Instagram too @whoawaitwalmart 

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!


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