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2015 Christmas Home Tour

Well, it's about time, right? :) Things have been super busy, so it's taken me a long time to piece together this post, but here it is!


Foyer table with diy "JOY" frames.

I always tie these wreaths (they're actually candle rings) to the backs of the dining room chairs.

Love using my red dough bowl this time of year!

Every year, my boys insist I set up these lighted houses. :) 

Our nativity set below a trio of prints we bought on a trip to San Francisco.

 home tour

Love this little button tree!

Our main tree is filled with tons of ornaments our children made through the years. I love all those special memories of them bringing home ornaments they made at school. :) 

I still have lots of wrapping and baking to do. I'm kind of waiting for the boys to get out of school for the holidays to tackle those tasks. I make a lot of my cookies a few days before Christmas and freeze them, then just thaw them out for the big day. 

My favorite part was getting to decorate our diy rolling cart. :)  

The top of the armoire pretty much looks the same as last year. 

Mr. Sparkly reindeer always resides on the front of the armoire. 

This is another favorite spot to decorate. 

At the last minute, I added some festive checked ribbon to my canisters and hung a fabric ornament over my cutting board.

It's funny because when they were little, the boys used to fight over who got to erase/update the "days 'till Christmas" chalkboard. Now I'll look over at it and notice it hasn't been changed since I got it out. :) 

You may notice I only did one tree this year. It's pretty much all I had time for, but if you want to see the other three trees I usually decorate, you can click on last year's Christmas tour HERE

I have a feeling I'll be glad I only did one tree when it's time to put everything away. It's a full day's work taking down four trees! 

Hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!


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