Jumat, 02 Oktober 2015

Fall Home Tour 2015

I'm back with my Fall home tour today. Lots of pictures, so get settled in with a hot beverage of your choice. :)

I was beyond excited to finally track down the elusive cream colored velvet pumpkin at Hobby Lobby. 

And it was on sale!

I kept the mantle very simple this year. 

I had so much fun decorating my new diy bookcase this year! I may get another fall printable for that frame on top. 

Y'all know I love using crowns in my decor, right? Well, I found this beauty at Hobby Lobby. It's actually a Christmas ornament. I'm always browsing the holiday section for items I can use year round. Do y'all do that too?

One of my favorite candle holders of all time. Love the Fall leaves. I just remembered I have a candle with embossed leaves on it. I might switch it out soon. 

This little pumpkin is actually a glittery light green color. 

See? Isn't it pretty? 

The kitchen hutch...

I love all the free printables going around now. 

I think I've used this candle holder in this same spot for the last few years...

My trio of pumpkins...

I spy some Target Dollar Spot goodies in the dining room.

This yellow pumpkin is from the BHG line at Walmart a few years ago. Holly was "helping" me take these pics. :) 

It's hard to photograph, but I wanted to show the sparkles on it. 

I already shared this basket of pumpkins, but wanted to include a full shot of the foyer table. 

I've been using this same wreath for years and years...

Thanks for stopping by!

Edited to add: After I posted this, I made a few changes/additions to my Fall decor. You can view them HERE


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