Minggu, 25 Oktober 2015

Dining Room Changes

Well, it's not even Halloween yet and I've already gotten out a few Thanksgiving decorations. My house is a mix of Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. I think it's seasonally confused. :)

I only made a few changes. I'll share some today and save the rest for a post later this week. 

On Thanksgiving Day, this buffet will be filled with all kinds of pies, cookies, and candies but for now it's home to a few pumpkins and a turkey platter. 

I was happy to see my "Gather Here With Grateful Hearts" sign again.

Had to move my soup tureen to make room for all those pumpkins on the buffet. 

And now for a very fancy addition to the living room...

Hee hee! Holly bugged me until I got her beloved teepee out again. She stayed in there all day long. Such a silly kitty. Hope y'all enjoy your week!


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