Jumat, 17 Oktober 2014

Two Favorite Things and Fall Garden Pics

Hello everyone! Do y'all know about the catalog called "Through The Country Door?" It's one of my new favorite things. Here's a link to their online site:

Through The Country Door

One of my IG friends was talking about it and I just had to stop right then and there and order a free catalog. Their prices seem to be pretty reasonable and they have lots of fun categories...Home Decor, Furniture, Seasonal, Gifts, Bed and Bath, etc. Let me know if you've ordered from them before. I can't believe I just now found out about it. :)

Now for my second favorite thing. My HEB grocery store carries this Orange Spice tea. 

I'm sure other grocery stores carry their own version too. It's really good and smells divine. I spent the other afternoon sipping it while browsing through some catalogs and magazines. And of course I had to have a few tea biscuits with it. :) 

Now on to the garden. I was puttering around in the backyard the other day and decided to take a few pics to share with y'all. Even though it's technically fall, I still have a few things blooming, and of course we're still mowing the grass weekly. And when I say "we" I mean my hubby and two sons. ;)

These zinnias were grown from seed. It only took about three weeks for them to get this tall. I also added a couple of fall pics to one of the pots. 

This Lantana pretty much just sat there all summer and didn't hardly bloom at all. Now all of a sudden, it's taken over this bed and decided to start blooming. I think it did the same thing last year.

The Blue Plumbago keeps growing up into the knock out rose.  

Speaking of the knock outs, they're still doing pretty well. Getting a little scraggly, but still have a few blooms. 

fall garden

Okay, time for another fern update! Y'all might remember this sad looking pic below. This is what my fern looked like in March (after our cold winter)...

And just look at her now!

I really need to remember to bring her inside or at least cover her up if we get a freeze this year. :) 

I planted a couple of Gomphrena flowers in my window box. I'm not sure how long they'll last now that it's fall, but they sure are pretty. 

Below is a close up of the Blue Plumbago...

and a close up of the Bottle Brush... 

That's it for now! How are your gardens doing? Are you getting ready to batten down the hatches in preparation for Winter?


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