Minggu, 17 Januari 2016

A Touch Of Blue...

As I mentioned earlier, I was on a quest to add some touches of blue to the living room. I found everything I wanted and was able to get it all without ever leaving the house and I didn't shop online. How did I do it, you ask? I used my personal shopper...aka my hubby. ;)

He was doing some shopping the other day and as soon as he left, I started googling pillow covers and decorative plates and before he knew it, I was texting him pics and item numbers of things to pick up for me. Lol!

It's a good thing he loves to shop. :) 

I had him pick up these plates for the mantel at Pier 1 and four blue and white pillow covers at Hobby Lobby. I even texted him my Hobby Lobby coupon. He had to go to two stores to get all four pillow covers, which was kind of a good thing because then he got to use a coupon on two of them.

These pillow covers were only $6.99 before the coupon, (and only $4.19 after the coupon) and they have zippers. 

The back is a plain cream color. 

I love these pops of blue!

Here's a close up of the plates...

blue and white plates
They were on clearance at Pier 1 for only $4.98!

I purchased this pretty vase years ago at The Bombay Co. I loved that store and have many furniture pieces from them as well.

Ten points to the person who can spy Holly in the pic below. ;)

I'm so happy with my finds!

 Having a neutral background sure makes it easy (and fun) to change up my decor with just a few pieces. 

P.S. If you couldn't find her, Holly is sleeping on the back of the sofa in the pic. It's her happy place. :)

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