Senin, 09 November 2015

A Collection of Thanksgiving Vignettes

I have a nice little treat for you all today. I'm showcasing some very talented blog friends as we each share a Thanksgiving vignette. 

For the most part, we used what we had on hand to create simple, inexpensive vignettes that can easily be recreated. Hope you find lots of inspiration here.

For my vignette, I just grabbed a few pretties from around the house, plopped them on a wooden tray in the middle of the dining room table and that was it! So easy!

You might be able to tell from these pics that I have a slight pumpkin addiction. ;) 

Right now, that velvet cream colored one is my favorite, but don't tell the others. 

I think I paid less than $2 for this "Count Your Blessings" plaque a few years ago. 

And that's it! I bet if you look around your house, you'll find many things that could be used to create something similar. I love having trays on hand to display favorite seasonal items. 

Be sure to go visit these other talented bloggers for more inspiration:



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