Kamis, 20 Agustus 2015

New Family Members...Twins! And a Day In Rosenberg, Tx.

Hi there! I wanted to introduce you to our newest family members. My mom and stepdad adopted two sweet kittens! Twins, in fact. Just look at this adorable brother and sister! 

I made up a little birth announcement for them. :)

We couldn't wait to see them in person, so we made a last minute trip to visit my mom. 

Just look at little Trixie stretching below... 

See how tiny they are? That's Cecil below. And yes, he's named after the lion. :) 

These pics are kind of blurry because they move lightening fast. They definitely keep my mom on her toes! 

After we played with the kittens, we decided to travel to the very small town of Rosenberg, Tx. for lunch and some antique shopping. Rosenberg isn't very far from where my mom lives and is filled with fun little shops.

This is where we ate lunch. It's an old time soda fountain and was such a little gem of a place! 

Another Time Soda Fountain and Cafe is on the right and the Old Main St. Bakery is on the left of the pic above. 

Don't you love the ceiling in here? 

Most of us had milkshakes with our lunch. My boys had butterscotch and chocolate and my mom and I had creamsicle. Yum! When you order a milkshake, they pour it into that glass and also give you a little silver pitcher with the remainder of the milkshake. See the two creamsicle ones in front? That's ONE milkshake that my mom and I split. :)

Their fried chicken sandwich was divine!

We visited a few antique shops (I didn't get any pics) then made our way over to the bakery next to the soda fountain. 

So many delicious things to choose from...


Kolaches, brownies, cinnamon rolls, etc.

But this is the real reason we came...those apricot kolaches on the right! They are the BEST! My Czech heritage cannot resist a good kolache. :)

I thought this chocolate peanut butter cupcake looked so good and I'm regretting not getting one.

So, that was our day in Rosenberg, Tx. We had such a good time and I'm so glad we got to see my mom's kitties before they get too big. I call her every morning to check on the "twins" and hear the latest story of their shenanigans. She told me this morning they discovered their water bowl can double as a "pool" and they can splash water at each other. Lol! 

Y'all have a great day!


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