Minggu, 07 Juni 2015

Deal Alert: Pom Pom Throw $9.98!

Have I got a steal of a deal for y'all today...My friends on Instagram shared this wonderful deal last night and I just had to pass it on to you. Look at this cute pom pom throw I got at Target for $9.98!

Can you believe that price? It's still $19.99 online, but most stores have lowered the price to $9.98 (not all stores, but a lot) My sweet hubby and son drove to two different Target stores late last night to get it for me. 

I love it! First I tried it on the chair in my bedroom...

Ignore the crooked lamp shade. ;) I need to tape a weight to the inside to keep it from doing that. 

And currently it's taking up residence in my living room...

target pom pom throw

Such a good deal! I've wanted a pom pom throw for awhile now and was so glad to finally get one. :) 

Speaking of deals, I scooped up these little slip ons at Payless for just $10 each! I was just going to get the navy and white striped, but the pink made its way home with me too. :) I thought they would be cute for the summer. 

Guess that's all for now. Have you gotten any fantastic deals lately?


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