Selasa, 05 Mei 2015

Around The House Pics and a Surge Protector Question

I've been playing around again with the dining room table centerpiece. I used to have some green and yellow faux berry things in a planter, but Holly discovered them and I was afraid she would eat them, so it was time for a change. :) 

I replaced the planter and berries with this faux plant in a galvanized tin. I added some burlap ribbon around it. I think it goes well with the pretty burlap runner my good friend Selene made for me. :) I also added this candle holder. I know it's kind of "fall" looking, but I love it, so I brought it back out. 

I made some raspberry tea the other day and we enjoyed it on the patio. These are the hobnail glasses I got at Big Lots last summer for $1.25. They have them again this year along with a matching pitcher. 

hobnail iced tea glasses

My mom came over for a visit recently, so I made some cupcakes for us to enjoy. Sometimes, a boxed mix is just what you need for a quick and easy sugar fix. I usually add almond extract to the boxed mixes, but I forgot this time. 

So, we had to make a major purchase recently. Our fridge quit working, so we had to replace it. Fun. It's odd that it went out just a week or two after we had a power outage. The same thing happened last year, but it was a part on our A/C unit. After a power outage, we had to replace something in our A/C unit. I don't remember what it was, but it was about $150. These power outages/surges are driving me nuts! 

We have lots of surge protectors in our house for the televisions, computers, etc. but I'm thinking we need to get a specific surge protector for our fridge, another one made for an A/C unit, AND a "whole house" surge protector that installs on our power box. They're not as expensive as I thought and it's certainly cheaper than replacing major appliances. Our "old" fridge was only 8 years old. 

Do any of you have those surge protectors mentioned above? If so, are you happy with them? I've heard stories about them saving a whole house full of appliances during a power surge. 


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