Minggu, 12 April 2015

Covering Up Those Kitchen Outlets

Hello all! I've been rearranging things in my kitchen and had to come up with some new ways to cover up a few outlets. Y'all know how much I hate cords and outlets, right? Lol!

Here, I'm using the Keurig and my stand mixer to cover up two outlets. Actually, the Keurig is plugged into one, but the machine hides it. I just rolled up the cord for my mixer and stuffed it into the mixing bowl. 

The addition of those little cabinet feet still make me smile every time I see them. One of the best $6 purchases ever!

I just discovered how great cutting boards are at covering outlets! We use this one all the time, so I brought it out and propped it up in front of an outlet.

Over here, I'm using the planter with a faux boxwood ball to cover up an outlet.

And this sweet nest printable is covering up the outlet the lamp is plugged into. I was happy to bring out my nesting measuring cups again. I think I've had them stored away since I started decorating for all the holidays back in the fall. 

My diy boxwood wreath frame is covering up this outlet that never gets used. If you look closely, you can see the outlet behind it. 

And here's one I just can't do anything about...

I've tried to store our toaster in the cabinet, but my boys had a fit since they use it daily. Turns out they were right, so I pulled it back out. :) Speaking of the toaster, have y'all tried the limited edition Chocolate Toaster Strudel? So good!

And can I just say I'm still so thrilled with how our painted and stained kitchen table looks? I can't believe spray paint did such a good job! I'm so happy with the stain we chose for the table top too. 

What clever ways do you hide outlets and cords in your home?


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