Jumat, 13 Maret 2015

Couch To 5K App

I've been a little absent this week due to a horrible experience at the dentist. Ugh. Hopefully I can get caught up on blogging soon. So, on to happier thoughts...

Okay y'all, I did it. I finally got the Couch To 5K app on my phone. It's thrilling and kinda scary at the same time. Lol! 

I did "The 30 Day Shred" last year and also got an elliptical because I was getting bored with the treadmill. Those were fine, but lately I've been wanting to run again. 

So, I brought the treadmill back inside and downloaded the Couch to 5K app. If you're not familiar with it, it does all kinds of things, but basically it's an app for your phone that uses voice commands to tell you when to walk and when to jog and for how long. You start out with a brisk 5 minute walk to warm up, then you alternate between 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for about 20 minutes. The whole workout, including the warm up and cool down times, is about 30 minutes. 

Each week, it gradually increases the jog time and decreases the walk time until after about 9 weeks, you're supposed to be able to run a 5K (about 3.1 miles) in 30 minutes or less without stopping. So, basically, it's geared to helping you get off the couch and able to run a 5K, hence the name "Couch To 5K."

I know a few people who have completed it and now they run 5K's all the time. It really seems to work and I like that it is very gradual. 

 The workouts are set up to be done three times a week for 9 weeks and you're not supposed to do it two days in a row. I like that I can listen to my music while doing it and the voice on the app will interrupt to tell me when to start jogging, etc. 

There are several trainers you can choose from on the app too. They have a very calming female voice, a drill sergeant voice, and even a zombie voice that acts like he's chasing you. Ha ha! Whatever motivates you, right? :)

I'll keep y'all posted on how I'm doing, but so far I really like it.

In case you're wondering, I still haven't gotten my pedometer. My Walmart has been sold out for weeks. I'd still like to get it though. 

So tell me, have any of you done the Couch to 5K? 

Oh, and here's a little flashback Friday funny for you...

I thought y'all would get a kick out of seeing Holly's first (and last) bath. Lol!


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