Jumat, 07 November 2014

A Better Homes and Garden's Instagram Surprise, Sneak Peek, and a Ghirardelli Brownie Story

Okay, that's got to be one of the weirdest post titles I've ever had. :) 

So, I just had to share something that went down on Instagram the other day. Better Homes and Gardens asked me if they could repost one of my pics as their "daily favorite!" I was over the moon excited and could hardly remember how to use the phone when I immediately went to call my mom to tell her about it. Lol!

Here's a screen shot of their post of my picture...

So fun and exciting!

Okay, now here's a little sneak peek of something I've been working on...(and yes, that's my little photo bomber again) 

Yep, that's all you're getting! Hee! A piece of scrap wood painted with a grey wash. Hmm...what could I be up to??? 

If you follow my friend Selene's blog Restoration Beauty you probably already know what I'm up to. Gosh, I'm being so cryptic today. Ha! I'll do a post about my little project when it's finished. :)

Okay, now for my "Ghirardelli Brownie Story." First I have to show you how delicious these are...

Here's the box they come in...

I think I've mentioned these brownies before, but I've never told the story behind them. So...when hurricane Ike hit back in 2008, we evacuated to my mom's house. She lives about an hour away from us and even though her neighborhood was hit too, the damage was less severe because she's farther away from the Gulf than we are. We stayed at her house for about 3 days. When the hurricane hit, we lost power and weren't able to cook, do laundry, etc.  It was a stressful time because we didn't know what was going on back at our house. We weren't sure what we would be coming home to. (don't worry though, the only damage we had was to our bald cypress tree...it lost about 10 feet off the top, and thankfully that was it) 

Anyway, after a few days, the grocery stores started opening back up and my mom and I went to HEB to gather a few things. You'd think that we would be stocking back up on nutritious foods for our family (and we did) but the first thing that went into our cart was a box of these Ghirardelli Ultimate Fudge Brownies. :)

I'd never had them before and I guess we just felt like we were in need of some serious comfort food after the hurricane debacle. :)

I made them right after we got back from the store and we all enjoyed them immensely! Those little brownies were just what we needed at that time. :) To this day, every time I make them for my family, I think of this little story and how funny it was that my mom and I totally put chocolate at the top of our list that day! Priorities, people. :)


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