Senin, 29 September 2014

Quick Master Bedroom Update~Painting Picture Frames

Happy Monday! (and Happy National Coffee Day!) I'm back today sharing a quick update I did to the master bedroom.

When we did the big Master Bedroom Reveal...(you can see the whole post HERE), I showed you how I spray painted the mats in these picture frames from a hunter green to white. I was happy with the white mats, but still wanted to lighten up the frames a bit. As you can see in these "before" shots, the frames were a dark brown. 

They matched the wood on our headboard, night stand, and armoire, but I was itching to use some grey paint on them. 

We also had this dark brown frame on the armoire that I thought needed some lightening up. I thought it would match the white frame on the right a little better if it was painted a light grey. 

And here are the "afters."

I think the grey goes a little better with the overall color scheme. And I'm happy with how it flows nicely with our new Grey Master Bathroom.

I'm really happy with how the one on the armoire turned out...

Below is a closer look at the frames on top of the armoire (and if you look closely, you can see the whole reason these pictures are up cover up that eye sore of a speaker.) 

Well, that's all for now. I plan on sharing my Fall Home Tour later this week. I'm waiting until I clean the house on Wednesday to photograph it though, so you don't have to see all my dust bunnies. :)

I have to say, I went in a totally different direction with my fall decor this year. If you want to see last year's fall decor, you can click HERE HERE, and HERE.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful week!


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